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Absence Management


Managing employee absences effectively is essential for maintaining productivity and ensuring fair and consistent policies is in place.

We develop absence management policies, tracking and recording employee absences, and implementing strategies to minimize absenteeism and presenteeism in your organization.

Our expertise in absence management ensures that you maintain compliance with the relevant laws  and regulations.

What to Expect

Our Absence Management services include:

Absence Management

Our services include provision of administrative support by recommending user-friendly leave management systems or utilizing HR software solutions.

Our experts will guide you in tracking and documenting employee absences, calculating leave balances, and generating reports to ensure accurate and up-to-date leave records.

Attendance and Absence Tracking

We are able to recommend effective attendance tracking tools with integrating time and attendance software that allows for easy tracking of employee absences. This enables you to identify patterns, track trends, and address any absence issues proactively.

Absence procedures

Our experts will work closely with you to implement an effective absence process. These include return-to-work document, provision of fit notes, OH refferals and we also provide trainings for managers to conduct these processes.


Part of our services is to offer comprehensive trainng sessions to equip managers and enhance their skill-set to effectively handle employee absences in the work place.


By leveraging our Absence Management services, you can optimize your leave policies and procedures, streamline leave administration, and ensure compliance with relevant leave laws. Our HR professionals will work closely with you to customize absence management solutions that align with your organization's unique needs, minimize disruption caused by employee absences, and promote a healthy work-life balance.